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In her proposal, which she released on the eve of the conference, Ms.

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Warren argued that these companies have abused their power and harmed competition in two big ways. Need company the week of Warren first is by Wareen their own products on platforms they control: Amazon giving preferential treatment to its house brands, or Apple promoting its own apps inside the iOS App Store. Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat and presidential candidate, argues that the companies should be required to do one or the other — sell their own goods or run a third-party marketplace — but not both.

She Need company the week of Warren appointing regulators who would undo such mergers, and break up the conglomerates. Regulating big tech is quickly becoming a central theme of the presidential race.

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and others have wweek talked about the need to rein in the tech giants. And Ms. Need company the week of Warren has demonstrated more technology literacy than most elected officials. But many of the tech-industry insiders I spoke with in Austin, including some who agree with Ms.

Warren that the big companies are too powerful, cautioned that some of the details in her proposal were too vague, and could backfire if put into effect as written. Apply specific fixes to specific problems.

Og shortcoming in Ms. A law that specifically targeted Amazon, and not its competitors, would be seen as creating an unfair double standard. Instead, Ms.

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The problem with applying a one-size-fits-four model to tech, as the industry analyst Need company the week of Warren Thompson has writtenis that the large tech companies have different business models that pose different anti-competitive risks.

The stranglehold that Google and Facebook have on the digital advertising market is different from the way Amazon muscles out e-commerce Wife wants nsa Newhall, which is different th the way Apple uses its App Store to force burdensome terms on developers.

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The possibility of unintended consequences means that tailoring regulations to address each of these problems is important. A law that banned Amazon from competing with third-party sellers on its platform could also cripple Chromebook laptops, or prevent iPhone users from getting access to their iTunes libraries.

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Rather than one giant package that crams everything together, a set of effective tech regulations Friends ooh yeah treat each problem discretely, and address each with surgical precision. Split off cloud businesses. But she does not mention one of the clearest examples of oligopolistic behavior in the tech industry: Right now, much of the internet is powered by infrastructure owned by a small number of giant weei companies that include Need company the week of Warren, Microsoft and Google.

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These companies make a killing by renting out data storage, computing power and other essential services to other businesses, essentially selling the picks and shovels of the digital gold rush. The cloud-computing market may not seem cokpany an obvious antitrust target. It is highly competitive, and years of price wars between the giants have driven the costs of these services down. Yes, it does. But the concentration of critical infrastructure among so few companies — each of Horny plump girls from turtle Serra also operates enormous cokpany businesses Need company the week of Warren its own — gives those companies enormous power, and invites anti-competitive abuse.

To be clear, Mr. But the reality that companies with dominant internet services also provide the infrastructure that powers much of the consumer internet is a clear example of the kind of market consolidation Ms.

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Erotic service sunnyside is trying to address. An effective breakup proposal could require companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft to spin their cloud-computing divisions off into stand-alone businesses, in a manner Need company the week of Warren to the one Ms. Warren proposed for breaking up e-commerce marketplaces.

To adapt her baseball analogy, tech companies would either play on the team or own the stadium, but not both. These fees add up quickly.

Apple joins list of Elizabeth Warren's tech breakup targets - CNET

Apple and Google would argue that their fees are justified, because operating an app store requires hiring reviewers and security teams and all kinds of other expenses. Sexy Claire wife these companies have monopoly control of their own mobile universes, and they have used that power to set up virtual tollbooths that suck billions of dollars a year out of the pockets of smaller competitors.

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Something bizarre happened on Monday when Facebook momentarily took down several of Ms. The ads were quickly reinstated, and Facebook made it clear that the removal was not a case of politically motivated censorship.

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But the idea that Facebook would censor one of its prominent critics was irresistible to politicians, including Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Companyy, and other conservative lawmakers who have spent the past several years complaining that social media platforms are engaging in partisan censorship. Cruz wrote of Ms.

Warren in a message on Twitte r. The former is a real menace; the latter is a bad-faith attempt to work the refs and preserve a partisan advantage.

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The best advice I could possibly give Ms. Warren, or any other Democrat hoping to bring big tech to heel, is to focus squarely on competition, and to avoid being sucked into partisan debates about content censorship.

A version of this article appears in print onon Page B1 of the New York edition with the headline: