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Wife looking for another in Charlo Montana

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About two ffor ago, the Montana Department of Health and Human Services sent out 89 postcards warning homeowners living within a three-mile radius of Charlo, including Moiese and north toward Ronan, to test their well water for arsenic.

The rest of the homeowners might not have responded because they have out-of-state addresses, Garrett said. DPHHS learned of the potential problem after hospital staff notified the state that they had treated a woman for arsenic poisoning. Groundwater in the Mission and Flathead valleys is known to contain Wife looking for another in Charlo Montana due to glaciers depositing a variety of minerals as they retreated after the last Ice Age.

Normally, larger towns have water quality districts that monitor such things. For example, the Helena water quality district knows arsenic exists in the water north of town. The DEQ test kits detect the presence of any kind of arsenic, but arsenic-3 or non-oxidized arsenic is the most dangerous.

It usually exists in deep bedrock, and anofher most of the wells in the region of concern are between and feet deep, arsenic-3 usually lies deeper.

A Kalispell company can also conduct detailed tests.

So far, Crisp has tested 22 wells around Charlo, most of which have excessive levels of arsenic-3, along with arsenic The Environmental Protection Agency limit for human safety is 10 parts per billion. At higher levels, arsenic can cause flu-like symptoms and can lead to internal disorders, diabetes or cancer.

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Arsenic concentrations of 35 ppb can cause health problems in children after two weeks or less, fod to the EPA. But the family that got sick had a well with levels 10 times higher than recommended.

Two wells along Post Creek Road contained and ppb. People with contaminated wells can buy kits to treat the water, so they can still use their wells.

However, to avoid health problems, they should test their treated water about every three months to ensure the kits are working.

Contact reporter Laura Lundquist at lundquist missoulacurrent.

Woman Found Gravely Injured On Flathead Indian Reservation | MTPR

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